Stick it to the Argos flying scabs

For an example of a truly bad company look no further than UK retailer Argos (no link as I don’t want to help give the scum any business). The arrogant management at Argos has decided that rather than having intelligent discussions with its trade union partners in Ireland, that it would rather fly in scabs from the UK to try and bust the industrial action in its Irish stores.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the dispute between Argos and Irish trade union Mandate, it is morally indefensible for Argos management to try and bust legitimate industrial action by flying in scab labour from abroad. Especially since one of the union’s requests is simply that it should be allowed to negotiate pay rises on behalf of its members. There is a legitimate argument around what percentage rise it should be, but it should be a given that a union can negotiate on behalf of its members.

It’s a shame that Argos has turned out to be such a reprehensible company, as I’d actually been planning to do quite a lot of my Christmas shopping there. Not now, as I’m joining the boycott. You can also join a Facebook group.

Argos free returns – make them pay

If you really want to stick it to the Argos management, there is an even better way than just the boycott. Argos offers “Free returns within 30days” so that means if you’ve bought anything in the last month you can take it back, reclaim the money and buy it from a more socially responsible store.

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