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I just died

The New York Times has launched video obituaries. Instead of just interviewing people for their obituaries, it records them. The first one is Art Buchwald with a line that will be hard to beat: “I’m Art Buchwald and I just…

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Email your neighbours (or just neighbors for now)

Researching for a current project (which is very exciting and should be able to talk about it a week or so) I came across Front Porch Forum. It’s a brilliant idea to help bring local communities closer together. Quite simply…

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The Register on 1and1 screwing with my email

The Register reports on 1and1’s ongoing email problems which have been causing us no-end of problems all week. We’re looking at switching hosts – not because 1and1 have had problems, but because it hasn’t been open about them. Problems happen….

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Comments closed on Bloggerheads v. Guido

The Bloggerheads lays into Guido post has generated quite a comment storm. As a result of allegations and counter-allegations (none of which I’m able to comment on or verify) I’ve closed it to new comments. Comments on this blog are…

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PR Newswire and Technorati partnership

Lots of comment on the partnership between PR Newswire and Technorati, but the most interesting I’ve seen is Ian Delaney on why it’s helping to make journalism tougher and raising the quality standard. A journalist can’t get away with simply…

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PR! The History of Social Media

I am indebted to Simon Collister for providing this quote: “The crowd is now in the saddle … The people now rule. We have substituted for the divine right of kings, the divine right of the multitude.” As Simon says…

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Bloggerheads lays into Guido

Tim Ireland, an honest and truthful gent, lays into Guido Fawkes, a nasty, little shit (apologies for the foul language, but this is one of the rare cases it is justified). It’s about time that people started exposing Guido (or…

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PR Week, PR Weak, PR Business, TWL etc

In the past I’ve always been very scathing about PR Week and thought that the short-lived PR Business was just the sort of shaking up the industry needed. …the world’s leading… still enjoys poking fun at PR Weak – the…

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Yorkshire is blogging capital of UK

More than a quarter of UK internet users now write an online blog, according to the Blogging Britain research report commissioned by MSN Spaces. And Yorkshire is the blogging capital of the UK, with more than a third (35%) of…

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Seth Godin on politics

“The challenge of being a politician, whether you’re national or in a tiny village, is the same—to exceed expectations in the most intense interactions you have each day.” Seth Godin Technorati tags: Seth Godin, politics

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