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Panorama and why don’t the media give correct credits

Charles Arthur has an interesting story about how “The ShinyShiny team are justifiably annoyed at the BBC Panorama team using them and then ignoring their existence in creating their programme about child exploitation in the production of Primark clothes” The…

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Donorschoose is is a great little site that has far more potential than it is being used for. It’s a site where teachers can submit and idea for a school project and then donors can choose which project to support….

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Alan Johnson: the ex-mod in a sharp Italian suit

I’m still monitoring media mentions of Alan Johnson from my time last year when I acted as his Director of Communications during the Labour Party deputy leadership campaign. I had to smile when I read this reference in the Financial…

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A music site to get excited about

OK I know I should be getting more excited about working for a real-life music star, and I am about the work Wolfstar will be doing for Chris Lake, it’s just that it’s not my sort of music. Wolfgang’s Vault…

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