A PR Guy’s Musings is 11 on the world’s top PR blogs list

Joel Cere notes that there is a ‘bit of ranking mania‘ at the moment and Matthew Watson at Rainier PR has compiled a list of the world’s top PR blogs based on the AdAge Power150. It’s not perfect as I think some have been missed off, and despite the fact I’m not a big fan of blog league tables, I couldn’t help but smile to see that A PR Guy’s Musings is ranked at number 11 in the world. Wolfstar’s new recruit Sam Oakley also makes the list of the world’s top 50 public relations blogs with All Things PR at 46.

A PR Guy’s Musings is also ranked at number 2 in the UK (it used to be number 1, damn young Mr Stephen Davies). And even better there are just two UK public relations consultancies with PR bloggers in the UK top ten – Wolfstar (A PR Guy’s Musings and All Things PR) and Hotwire (Drew B’s take on tech PR and Pudding Relations).

Stuart Bruce

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