Sorry Steve Rubel, but you’re on the wrong track on this one

I missed Steve Rubel’s post on Tuesday on ‘Does the Thrill of the Chase Make PR Obsolete?‘, but picked up on it today via e-consultancy. Steve writes a compellingly convincing post, but I’m more than doubtful that it reflects the reality.

Like Steve I get a lot of pitches from PR companies (large and small), start-ups and big companies. And Steve’s right, most of them are so terrible it’s hard to know where to start saying how bad they are. Like Steve I ignore 99% of them.

But where I differ, is that I do really appreciate the good ones. Unlike Steve I don’t have time to ‘find it on my own or stumble upon it early myself.’ I therefore appreciate a PR person who takes the trouble to target me personally and let me know about something that might be of genuine interest.

However it’s all very well me giving my anecdote and Steve giving his, but they are just our personal opinions and preferences. Steve’s opinion is: ‘Many bloggers – particularly those who cover tech – love to discover new things and experience them on their own.’

Well for a current client project we’re currently doing some research with tech bloggers and the results so far show that contrary to Steve’s opinion the majority of tech bloggers DO want us to talk directly to them.

It goes to show that it is worth asking rather than assuming you know. My instinct would probably have been to do less direct contact than we’re now thinking of doing.

That’s not the same as spamming bloggers with pointless press releases. But, we shouldn’t be spamming journalists with pointless press releases either.

Knowing something about the person and/or media you’re emailing or phoning is just standard best PR practice and common courtesy that hasn’t changed since I entered public relations 20 years ago.

Unfortunately too many PR people fail to grasp this basic concept.

It’s also worth reading Drew Benvie’s post on ‘How digital PR is changing’.

Stuart Bruce

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