Excellent customer service – and the worst!

If you book an airport hotel and accidentally select 2009 instead of 2008 then it is definitely your fault. When you arrive and the reception is very busy with people who want rooms, but can’t have them as the hotel is full, then it’s reasonable to assume you’re up s**t creek without a paddle.

Not with Thistle Hotels who when they saw we had a baby amazingly managed to conjur up a room. They even provided a travel cot at no extra cost.

Contrast that with the truly despicable National Express. Not only do they cancel our train, leaving us with a one hour wait, they then refuse us entry to an almost EMPTY first class lounge. Now I know you can’t normally use it on First Class Advance tickets, but this was its fault. National Express cancelled our train – its fault – yet they refuse to do anything to solve its problem.

The irony is that I spend less than 500 a year with Thistle, and more than 10,000 with National Express.

At least I’ve created some positive word of mouth about Thistle Hotels and hopefully some very negative word of mouth about the truly appalling National Express.

Stuart Bruce

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