George Osborne and Peter Mandelson, innocent victims of gutter journalism

How depressing it is to see the UK media yet again focusing on minor gossip and tittle tattle rather than the major policy issues of the day. It is disgraceful how it is hounding George Osborne over what is essentially a non-story about a non-existent political donation. Just as bad is how it has resumed its pathetic vendetta against Lord Mandelson. The media muck rakers have twice forced Peter to resign twice, and twice he has been cleared. Peter 2, Media 0.

People’s lack of trust in politicians and the political process is far less to do with politicians than it is the constant lies, innuendo and spin disseminated by what is laughingly called the ‘quality’ media.

It’s interesting to see that both Tom Harris and Iain Dale share similar perspectives, although I do wish Iain would be equally sensible when he writes about equally ludicrous allegations against Labour politicians.

Stuart Bruce

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