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Gordon’s speech – my verdict

Perhaps the main topic of speculation at this year’s Labour Conference has been what will be the reaction to Gordon’s speech. The speculation was pointless as what Gordon said and how he delivered it was always going to be pretty…

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Gordon Brown speaking at a Labour Party Conference fringe meeting

My first real attempt at using Qik was catching Prime Minister Gordon Brown speaking at an invite only TULO fringe event at Labour Party Conference. Technorati Tags: Gordon Brown, Labour Party, LabourPartyConference08

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Sorry Steve Rubel, but you’re on the wrong track on this one

I missed Steve Rubel’s post on Tuesday on ‘Does the Thrill of the Chase Make PR Obsolete?’, but picked up on it today via e-consultancy. Steve writes a compellingly convincing post, but I’m more than doubtful that it reflects the…

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Why you’ve got to able to use Microsoft Office

This post/rant started off as a comment on Richard Bailey’s blog, in response to a comment by Heather Yaxley. However, I thought it was worthy of promoting to a full post: Heather said: One final thought is that we may…

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Wolfstar’s new Head of Baby Relations

Wolfstar really wants to do public relations and marketing for a baby related client – we nearly all have young babies and toddlers so we know want people with babies want! With this in mind I’ve drafted in some help…

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Teaching PR and social media

Leeds Metropolitan University PR lecturer Richard Bailey and PR student Natalie Smith (who is doing an intern placement with Wolfstar at the moment) have between them sparked an interesting conversation on how public relations degree courses should teach social media….

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General knowledge – the most essential skill for PR

Jane Smith at pr.(in a jar) has an interesting post on the good general knowledge skills, or lack of, in the public relations industry. She worries that it might “sound fogey-ish” to complain that “today’s new graduates don’t read much…

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Obama’s no stranger to love on YouTube

One of the most impressive things about all the Obama YouTube videos is that people are prepared to spend significant time creating them. As the internet plays a bigger and bigger part in UK politics it will be interesting to…

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Sony Ericsson joins the Wolfstar client list

Whoever said August is meant to be quiet? At Wolfstar we’ve never been busier with lots of activity on for existing clients and an exciting new one to announce. Some of you have probably already seen the news (thanks to…

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Letter in today’s Guardian

The Guardian has very kindly printed my letter in today’s paper: I’m ashamed that Tony Woodley, the joint general secretary of my own union, has made an outrageous personal attack on John Hutton, one of the best cabinet ministers for…

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