Speed cameras – in dire need of some good PR support

Ex-transport minister Tom Harris MP has written an excellent blog post in favour of speed cameras. Personally I’ve never understood the rationale of those who oppose them and I’m not in favour of making them highly visible with signs to tell you where they are.

Tom also doesn’t think the locations should be publicised, but was persuaded by the then transport minister Stephen Ladyman MP who argued that ‘the speed camera network needed the support of the public, who would not offer such support if the perception remained that speed cameras were more about making money than about saving lives.’

I don’t buy that argument. People need to understand that if they break the law they must face the consequences. If they really think it is a money making gimmick and not about saving lives then give them an option of extra points on their licence or a one month ban instead of the fine. It won’t cost them a penny and I’m sure it would be a very effective lesson!

The speed lobby has already been allowed to gain too much credence and it’s about time that the pro-people and pro-car side fought back with a hard hitting public relations campaign to educate and inform people with the truth about safety cameras.

Despite my enthusiasm for safety cameras I do think there is a legitimate debate to be had about speed limits. The limits on many roads don’t make sense – too fast on some, too slow on others. But that doesn’t give you the right to flout the law. It does give you the right to lobby for a change in the law to make limits fairer.

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