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Joseph Jaffe is rightly criticised for Adweek article

Crayon founder Joseph Jaffe has faced a wave of criticism in the comments for his recent by-lined article in Adweek. Personally I’m amazed that the Adweek editor allowed such a blatant ‘puff piece’ to appear under the guise of genuine…

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Use your blog to analyse your personality type

Typealyzer is a fun site that attempts to analyse your personality type from what you’ve written on your blog. Apparently I’m: INTJ – The Scientists The long-range thinking and individualistic type. They are especially good at looking at almost anything…

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Gordon Brown’s DVD list from President Obama

I’ve given up participating in most memes, but I rather like this one from Tom Harris, so I’m doing it even though I haven’t been tagged yet. It’s based around the list of the DVDs that Barack Obama gave to…

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