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If you want to be a thought leader, blog don’t Twitter

Robert Scoble is one of those A-list bloggers I read because I think I should rather than because I want to – mainly because even though I like him, I don’t often agree with him! However, this time we’re on…

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Citizen journalism in action, or not?

Today’s Guardian diary leads with a piece about me Twittering an indiscrete conversation I overheard on the train. It appeared to be an executive from French energy company Total talking about how Total could beat the unions at the Lindsey…

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Social media campaign hammers the Daily Mail

The Daily Mail is running an online poll that is shocking even by Daily Mail standards. It’s asking “Should the NHS allow gypsies to jump the queue? A Twitter campaign has sprung into action urging people to vote the right…

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Hugh McCloud ‘Ignore Everybody’ signed prints

To celebrate the launch of his new book ‘IGNORE EVERYBODY’, Gaping Void cartoonist and social media evangelist Hugh McCloud has made available a limited edition collection of prints of his most popular cartoons. He’s also done a special square version…

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We need more hope and less hate to defeat the BNP

PR Week has another story on how the BNP managed to win two seats in the European parliament: ‘Hope Not Hate’ campaign ‘did not connect’ with communities Questions have been asked about a recent UK campaign ‘to counter racism and…

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Mandelson v. Marr: Master class or disaster class – you decide

On Sunday’s Andrew Marr show I think Lord Peter Mandelson totally obliterated Marr. Mandelson was cool, calm and confident while Marr became more flustered as Mandelson continued to pick holes in Marr’s frequently inaccurate and vacuous questions. At least that…

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Time magazine: How Twitter will change the way we live

In May 2005 Business Week ran a front cover that declared “Blogs will change your business”, the June 15, 2009 edition of Twitter makes the even bolder claim “How Twitter will change the way we live”. As someone who started…

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Behind the scenes shots from Sony Ericsson’s GreenHeart launch

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Sony Ericsson announces new GreenHeart strategy in live Kyte webcast today

Today Sony Ericsson is announcing GreenHeart, which represents its commitment to bring to market more environmentally friendly products. It will be announcing more details in a live webcast in the UK at 13:00 (GMT+1) today (for early bird’s that 5:00…

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