Mandelson v. Marr: Master class or disaster class – you decide

On Sunday’s Andrew Marr show I think Lord Peter Mandelson totally obliterated Marr. Mandelson was cool, calm and confident while Marr became more flustered as Mandelson continued to pick holes in Marr’s frequently inaccurate and vacuous questions.

At least that was my take on the interview. It was a master class that other politicians would do well to emulate. Mandelson didn’t evade answering questions, but also didn’t fall for any of Marr’s attempts to trip him up.

Lewis PR’s David Brown disagrees and thinks it was ‘an example of all that can go wrong when media training tactics are taken to an extreme.’ In the comments Edelman’s David Brain says: ‘I could not disagree more. I thought he handled Marr brilliantly and Marr was left at the end floundering around trying to back up his own use of rumours and interrupting Mandy when he was answering. I can’t think of any other politician who could have handled that situation with such skill.’

Hotwire/33Digital’s Drew Benvie thinks it was ‘Essential viewing: how to handle an interview under fire. The Mandelson Vs Marr show.’

If you’re in public relations and didn’t see it I’d definitely recommend watching it (YouTube videos below). So what did you think? Vote in the poll below:

Stuart Bruce

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