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Children’s TV shouldn’t be for idiots

My daughter Esme (two and a half) loves it when me and Karen read her Beatrix Potter stories. She has a full boxed set that her Granda bought her. She loves turning the pages and she knows some of the stories so well that she even attempts to recite them from memory as she’s too […]

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The only three questions you need to ask your prospective PR social media agency

B L Ochman has an interesting post claiming that you don’t need to ask six to 20 questions as scores of blog posts claim (mine was Top ten ways not to chose a social media consultant), but you need to ask just two: 1) Do they walk the walk? "If your key agency people are […]

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Ghost writing blogs: right or wrong?

On Monday I attended Dell’s excellent B2B Social Media Huddle. One of the hottest topics of debate, both at the event and on Twitter (#dellb2b), was the issue of ghost writing blogs. What I found most interesting was that not only were there legitimate differing opinions, but also there was perhaps even more misunderstanding and […]

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Top 10 word of 2009 is Twitter, then Obama, H1N1, stimulus, vampire, 2.0

According to research by the Global Language Monitor Twitter was the top word of 2009. The analysis was completed in November using a proprietary algorithm that tracks words and phrases in the media and on the internet (including blogs and social media). The words are tracked in relation to frequency, contextual usage and appearance in […]

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Digital Mission New York to Web 2.0 Expo photos

The Digital Mission New York for Web 2.0 Expo has got off to a great start (huge thanks to all the wonderful folks at Chinwag for the hard work they’ve put into organising it). I’ve already made some great contacts that need following up. The day started with an excellent briefing about doing business in […]

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Will PR ever be free of the curse of AVEs?

Today’s PRWeek has a fantastic story saying that the UK’s Central Office of Information (COI) has recommended sweeping changes to the way in which government PR is evaluated. In particular, the COI has recommended that advertising value equivalent (AVE) be removed from the core set of mandatory metrics. The COI didn’t just decide itself to […]

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Chinwag Digital Mission to New York for Web 2.0 Expo

Later this month I’m off to New York as part of the Chinwag Digital Mission to the Web 2.0 Expo. I’ll be in New York from November 15–20 and will have time to meet up with folks while I’m there, so drop me a Twitter direct message (just at me if I don’t already follow […]

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Dolce&Gabbana and Sony Ericsson use online to bypass traditional TV advertising

The Wolfstar team is currently hard at work on a project with Dolce&Gabbana and Sony Ericsson to launch the new Jalou mobile phone. Instead of traditional television advertising commercials (TVC) the campaign is focused around a promotional video conceived by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, which is available exclusively online. The social media news release […]

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Why openupnow’s open primaries won’t work is yet another organisation that has jumped on the current political bandwagon for open primaries.It looks a great campaign, but… and it’s a very big but, it’s very badly thought out. The idea of open primaries is very seductive, emotionally I think they are brilliant. The open primaries between Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, […]

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David Cameron admits the truth via Speechbreaker

As the UK general election gets closer we’re beginning to see some interesting things happening online. Speechbreaker was put together for the Liberal Democrats, which is why you can use it to make David Cameron or Gordon Brown say all sorts of amusing things, but you can only get Nick Clegg to say ‘Choose the […]

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