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Charlie Brooker – How to report the news

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Wolfstar is recruiting new consultants to work in online PR and social media

If you pop over to the Wolfstar blog, you’ll see that we’re recruiting experienced public relations consultants to work on global, European and UK online PR and social media for clients such as Sony Ericsson, Discovery Channel, First Direct and Philips.

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Wolfstar has won the UK’s Best Use of Social Media campaign award

We’ve been celebrating in the Wolfstar office today as we’ve just found out that we’ve won the Chartered Institute of Public Relations President’s Grand Prix Award for Best Use of Social Media Award for our campaign to support the global launch of Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X1 mobile phone. That makes it officially the UK’s best […]

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Forrester Research’s new Social Technographics ladder

Forrester Research has released a new version of its Social Technographics ladder to include those who use Twitter and Facebook status updates. The new category, dubbed Conversationalists, are at 33%. At the moment Forrester had just provided figures for the USA and hasn’t updated its Profile Tool. The other interesting fact about Conversationalists is that […]

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A duck’s Christmas quacker video

My brother has adopted two ducks and despite not being quackers decided to let them in the joy of Christmas by opening their own present. This was after Duck Duck narrowly escaped a roasting after disappearing for five days just before Christmas as reported in the Whitehaven News – Christmas quacker: a lucky duck returns […]

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Stuart Bruce’s top 10 PR blog posts of 2009

In case you missed them, here are the 10 most popular public relations posts from my blog in 2009. Seven of them got most of their traffic from referrals (Twitter, blog posts, Facebook, email etc) and three of them from simple search – the National Express, Obama and social media research statistics ones. National Express […]

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