You’ve got to vote

Today our Prime Minister Gordon Brown will visit the Queen and ask to dissolve Parliament thus firing the starting gun for a General Election on Thursday May 6.


I’m not sorry for shouting, this is important. In Britain people have died to ensure that you have a vote. Not just the Suffragettes or the Tolpuddle Martyrs, but the millions who have died in the service of our great nation in order to defend democracy.

If you don’t vote you’re betraying these people. Your grandfathers and grandmothers, your aunts and uncles, your friends and neighbours. Not voting sends a clear message to the world that you don’t care about anyone else but yourself.

Don’t believe the liars who think all the political parties are the same. Don’t believe those who’ve been lied to by a self-serving metropolitan elite in the London media and think that it’s all about image and not policy.

It’s not hard to vote. If you’re not registered to vote you still have time, until April 20 in fact. You still have time to apply for a postal vote, so you don’t even have to drag yourself to the polling station. You can even do it online, just visit the Electoral Commission About My Vote website.

Below is a text of an email that Todd Defren of Shift Communications in the USA sent to his staff during the presidential elections. I’m reproducing it today because it helps emphasise the importance of what I’m saying:

Hi all –

I’ve always believed strongly in encouraging people to vote.  I’m one of those wonks raised to vote for the local dog-catcher, if there’s an election for the post. 

It’s an all-too-rare privilege in this world to have the opportunity to make our voices heard through the pulling of a lever.  

So I hope you plan to make the time to vote this Tuesday in the primaries – certainly your managers will support you in this, if it requires coming in a bit late or leaving a bit early. 

It doesn’t matter who you’re voting for, please, just be sure to vote!!  It’s your country, folks: the participation of young people ensures that it’s not just retirees and extremists (of either party) who get to decide who’s in the Oval Office.

So however you choose to vote, just do it.

I’m not telling you how to vote, but for the record I care about the economy, I care about society, I care about the elderly, the vulnerable, young people and hard working families. That’s why I’m voting Labour for a future fair for all. Britain can’t afford the change for the worse the Tories would bring.

Stuart Bruce

International Public Relations Adviser | Trainer | Author | Media Commentator | Conference Speaker | University Lecturer | Online PR | Digital Corporate Communications | Crisis Communications | Digital Public Affairs