Android vs. iPhone vs. BlackBerry – the users infographic

Android vs iPhone vs BlackBerry users infographic

Courtesy of Daily Mobile.

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  • Min Li

    This post is quite amusing, and I have to admin partially true lol. I see other mobile users of different brands in a diferrent way.

  • ListenUp MyrtleBeach

    Forgot about all us Android users who are really just Apple fanboys stuck in Verzion contracts. C’mon iPhone!!!

  • Puneet Layal

    I was a blackberry tour guy a year ago – thought it was the best phone I ever had. Then I got the htc evo android – I now think this is the best phone I ever had.It is true i got both of these phones because i was stuck in a Sprint contact. Now that the iPhone is going to Verizon – definitely switching to the iPhone. Forget that apps – its about the computability if you have an iPad and/or an iMac.

  • Making money with facebook

    Could not tell which is the best of the 3.