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UK’s top 10 PR blogs

Cision has updated its list of the UK’s top 10 public relations blogs with this little old blog coming in at fourth place: 1. 2. Drew B’s take on tech PR 3. Wadds’ PR and Media blog 4. A PR Guy’s Musings – Stuart Bruce 5. PR STUDIES 6. PR Media Blog 7. The […]

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Leeds City Council parking ban will drive business from the city

Today’s Yorkshire Evening Post has an article by Sophie Hazan about the most stupid planning decision I’ve every seen in my life. Leeds City Council has refused permission to all of the long stay car parks around Holbeck Urban Village. The car parks have been operating for years without permission, which calls into question the […]

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Nunwood’s customer experience survey: it’s what you do that really matters

It never ceases to amaze me the number of ‘social media gurus’ who think they’re making a startling revelation when they announce that it’s all about having a good ‘product’ or customer experience and then you can get people to share and talk about it. Excuse me chaps and chapesses, but that’s not new. Professional […]

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Android vs. iPhone vs. BlackBerry – the users infographic

Courtesy of Daily Mobile.

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PR’s response to ASA new social media guidelines

Last month I blogged about ‘ASA gets it wrong on social media, fails to consult professional PR industry bodies‘. Since then representatives of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Advertising Standards Authority have met to try and clarify the situation. Following what was described as a ‘constructive meeting’ a joint statement was issued: […]

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New Media Age leader still doesn’t really get PR and social media

I was heartened to see that New Media Age (NMA) had a leader on ‘PR is becoming crucial to brands’ digital strategy‘, but the actual article was a major disappointment, mainly highlighting how far digital people are from actually ‘getting’ what public relations actually is. It starts with the same lazy and inaccurate assumption that […]

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Farnell in great B2B use of Foursquare

Checking in to the Wolfstar HQ this morning I spotted a location I hadn’t seen before – the Farnell trade counter, which is about a kilometre away. What made it stand out was that there was a little orange special logo. Farnell’s offer is that if you do ten check-ins at its Maybrook trade counter […]

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Social media and PR awards judging

The Some Comms Awards are a new set of awards to celebrate the best in UK social media communications and recognise the individuals, companies and organisations that are ‘revolutionising the use of online to communicate in cool and innovative ways’. Unlike many awards these are free to enter, with the only cost being to attend […]

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ASA gets it wrong on social media, fails to consult professional PR industry bodies

On September 1 the UK Advertising Standards Association (ASA) announced ‘Landmark agreement extends ASA’s digital remit‘. The announcement said that the Committee of Advertising Practice Code (CAP Code) that governs UK advertising will be extended to ‘apply in full to marketing communications online including the rules relating to misleading advertising, social responsibility and the protection […]

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Can Twitter improve equality in the workplace?

A line in Amelia Torode’s latest blog post got me thinking about how social media and social networks could have an important role to play in improving equality in the workplace. Despite a raft of legislation the UK’s employment landscape is far from equal and the gap between pay and opportunities between men and women […]

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