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Social media and PR conference speaking

Over the next few months, I will be speaking at a couple of conferences on social media, public relations and corporate communications: Social Media in a Corporate Context | Communicate Magazine | April 28 | Chelsea Football Club Conference Suite, London I will be part of the Social Media Newsroom X-Factor jury, judging the most […]

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European social media people worth following

A question from the audience at Lost in Translation, doing social media in Europe. These are some of my suggestions #lostintranslation: Stuart Bruce @stuartbruce (if I do say so myself!) Guillaume du Gardier @gdugardier Elizabeth Albrycht @ealbrycht Neville Hobson @jangles Jed Hallam @jedhallam Benjamin Ellis @benjaminellis Amelia Torode @amelia_torode Kerry @kerryatdell Dominic Burch @dom_asdaPR Robin […]

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SXSWi – is it business or a big party?

Jeremy Pepper – one of a handful of people worldwide who I’d trust to properly do public relations and social media – has a great post on why he’s not going to SXSWi. Jeremy quite rightly questions the business value of it. I started to respond in the comments, but then realised I actually had […]

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SXSW Digital Mission proving successful

The first day at SXSWi has already been a great success. I kicked off this morning with the Digital Mission Master Class which was brilliantly organised (as usual) by the good folks from Chinwag, Whitston and Strawn and UKTI.   Great view from the Social Media Club House I had to duck out early to […]

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Nicholas Winterton makes a hash of defending first class rail travel for MPs

If there’s ever a case of ‘it’s time to stop talking’ it was Sir Nicholas Winterton on BBC Radio 5. Sir Nicholas was being questioned about MPs being prevented from travelling first class and and came out with the outrageous claim that ‘someone in standard class has a totally different outlook on life.’ Instead of […]

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Social media marketing guidelines from WOMMA

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) is later today to issue a guide to disclosure in social media marketing. US-based WOMMA is responding to US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) social media guidelines for disclosure of relationships between companies and consumers discussing them and their products or services in social media and social network platforms. […]

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Social networks manager for Obama could be you

Organizing for America (the successor organisation to Obama for America) and the Democratic National Committee are recruiting a new social networks manager.The new recruit will be responsible for maintaining the Democratic Party and Organizing for America accounts on all social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace accounts, etc.) The Wall Street Journal reports that […]

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PR must accept that social media drives news and reputation management

I’ve long advocated that social media doesn’t work if you consign it to a silo and treat it simply as part of your digital marketing. The BBC is the the first mainstream news organisation to mandate its journalist to use social media and social networks as a primary source. Peter Horrocks, the new director of […]

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The PR social media award unboxing video

I wonder if this is the world’s first awards unboxing video? Certainly makes a change from phones and gadgets.

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An inconvenient PR truth: experience and training are what counts

Last week saw the launch of the an Inconvenient PR Truth campaign. I’ve got mixed views about it.There’s been quite a lively debate on PR Week comments and the public relations blogs. While I applaud the initiative, I’m not totally convinced about either the approach or if it will work. It also fails to mention […]

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