Who owns social media – PR, SEO, marketing, digital?

Who owns social media? It’s question that has been around as long as social media and almost the same arguments are raging today as when the ‘Who owns social media’ question first reared it’s ugly head.

Tomorrow I’m speaking at a debate as part of Social Media Week London where I’ll be putting the case for public relations. I’m not going to give my arguments away in this blog post (although I will do another one later in the week after the event). However, the gist of my case will be about who absolutely shouldn’t own the space as that’s a no-brainer – it’s the digital marketing agencies and SEO specialists. The case for who should ‘own’ it is far more nuanced.

It’s not the first time I’ve done this and the last time I did a did a big public debate on this was in April 2009 at the NMK (New Media Knowledge) ‘What happens to online PR‘ debate. That one was a bid odd as I was debating against two other public relations people, albeit one who worked for a digital agency and another who ran an ‘online PR and social media agency’.

At the ‘Who owns the social space (or should)’ I’m up against:

Digital Marketers: Charlotte McEleny, NMA (New Media Age)

SEO specialists: Kevin Gibbons,  SEOptimise

Social Technologists: Benjamin Ellis, Redcatco

Social Media purists; Anke Holst, Speak for Yourself

It’s on Monday, February 7 at the Centre for Creative Collaboration and doors open at 16:30 ready for the debate to kick-off at 17:30.

The hashtag for the event is #ownSMW.

Stuart Bruce

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