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New Klout social networks

Are new Klout connected social networks a dilution?

Klout has today added five new networks that you can connect to your Klout account to improve your Klout score. The five new social networks are Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, and Flickr. Coming soon are Facebook pages, Quora, Yelp, Posterous and   On the face of it this is a good thing, but I’m […]

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UK law firms social media top 100

Today The Lawyer has published an alternative ‘ranking’ of UK law firms based on their Klout scores. The main problem with it is that it is compiled using Klout and just looks at the ‘corporate’ social media premises, which by definition aren’t likely to be very social. Far more interesting would have been to have […]

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Social media Top Trumps infographic

Social media Top Trumps infographic

My friends at Freestyle Interactive have created this brilliant social media Top Trumps. It rates some of the leading social media and social network platforms in traditional Top Trumps style with scores for active users, world reach, usability and cutting edge. Facebook is top trump for active users, while Google+ wins for cutting edge. For […]

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PR winners and losers–August 5

This is hopefully – assuming anyone except my Dad reads it – going to become a regular weekly feature where I highlight my choice of the PR winners and losers of the week. PR winners This week’s PR winner has to be Arturas Zuokas, the mayor of Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania), who decided to […]

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Top media stung by Internet Explorer lower IQ PR hoax

Many of the world’s most reputable news organisations have been stung by a fake press release claiming that new research showed that users of Internet Explorer had lower IQs than people who used other browsers. The BBC, CNN, Forbes, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph all fell for the elaborate hoax. The research appeared to […]

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Klout v. PeerIndex PRWeek Power Book 2011

PR and marketing people love a good list and Andrew Smith has done a brilliant job in creating some stellar PR business lists with his PRWeek Power Players of Social Media and PRWeek Power Book 2011 lists. Both Klout and PeerIndex attempt to ‘measure’ influence using a combination of factors such as authority, activity and […]

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Social media explained: I need to pee

Thanks to AccMan Dennis Howlett for making me smile and for his inspiring tag line ‘never knowingly under opinionated’. Apologies for lack of proper credit, but I’m not sure of original source.

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