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Twitter: Views are my own – oh no they aren’t

Twitter disclaimers such as “Views are my own and don’t reflect the views of my employer” are a subject that divides opinion. Some argue that they are an essential safeguard, others that they are meaningless. I’d go further and argue that for PR practitioners (and other communications disciplines) such disclaimers are actually dangerous. The reason […]

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Top 10 reasons it pays to blog for business

This blog post sets out some of the main benefits of blogging for business, public relations, public affairs and corporate communications. It doesn’t just apply to business but could equally well apply to not-for-profit organisations, governments, politicians and non-governmental organisations. It’s a follow up to a post I wrote in December about ‘Why blogging still […]

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The 10 best corporate Vine and Instagram videos for PR

It’s just over a year since Twitter launched Vine, its six second video social network. Facebook-owned Instagram launched its 15 second video app in June. To update my online PR training course material I’ve been researching the best examples of corporate Vine and Instagram videos for reputation management, CSR, investor relations, crisis communications, stakeholder relations […]

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