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BBC business correspondent blog

Paul Mason, BBC Newsnight’s business correspondent, has started a blog. His first post explains what it’s all about.

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PR surveys work even when they are junk

Journalists frequently criticise public relations people for using ‘bogus’ surveys and research in order to secure media coverage. Quite right to in many cases as many of these so called surveys and research projects are constructed on very weak foundations….

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Fancy 25Gb of free storage?

Streamload offers 25Gb of free storage, the only catch is downloads are limited to 100Mb a month, but you can pay for larger downloads. Looks OK for online backup as you can then pay for the downloads if you ever…

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Why a lot of Web 2.0 sucks!

I’ve just posted on Softalk’s Let’s talk business blog about why I think a lot of Web 2.0 sucks! Tags: Web 2.0

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Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Sucking Down

Guy Kawasaki has quite a long post on what he calls “The Art of Sucking Down”. He’s right but I’d simplify it to: Treat everyone like you’d like to be treated yourself Be nice, genuine and honest and most people…

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David Miliband’s blog goes live

UK Cabinet minister David Miliband’s blog is now live. David is Minister of Communities and Local Government and is the first UK government minister to start a blog. I think it is particularly apt as ever since starting my first…

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A familiar feeling

Todd Defren at Shift Communications in San Francisco and Boston blogged about what it feels like to have “prospects in the pipeline”. He has 19 (we only have four) but I understand the frustration. You put all your hard work,…

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Fancy a chance to inteview Tony Blair?

If you’d like an opportunity to interview Tony Blair then now’s your chance as Microsoft sets up a live Prime Minister’s Question Time via MSN Messenger. The PMQ will be a live video chat on Tuesday April 4 when 10…

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BBC Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark selling herself via Google AdWords

On Guy Clapperton’s blog I spotted a Google ad for Kirsty Wark (in Flash) selling herself as a ‘corporate event and conference chairperson’. I wonder if this means we’ll also see Jeremy Paxman flogging himself? Now if Kirsty is really…

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Stand up for good public relations

Who would believe it? Here I am developing a rant about why PR gets such a bad rap and then what’s the very next item in my feed but this call to action on The Bad Pitch Blog. Sign the…

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