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CIPR Northern Conference 2009

I’ve known for a while now what the exciting line-up for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Northern Conference is going to be. But I had to keep it under wraps until the official conference brochure was published. The headline speaker is a man who needs no introduction – Alistair Campbell. Naturally, I’ve heard him […]

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The value of CIPR membership

Simon Collister has an interesting post on why he hasn’t yet renewed his Chartered Institute of Public Relations membership. I had a very similar discussion with Chris Norton the other day who was asking exactly the same question. I find…

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Wolfstar wins CIPR Grand Prix award for outstanding small consultancy

Everyone’s buzzing in the Wolfstar office today as we’ve just found out that we’ve won the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Grand Prix PRide award for outstanding small consultancy. I’m not going to say much as Tim Sinclair, our chairman,…

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Has CIPR finally lost the plot by honouring Boris Johnson?

I’m seriously wondering if the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has finally lost the plot. I can’t believe it is honouring Boris Johnson MP by awarding him the CIPR President’s Medal. One of the main reasons that I continue…

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The great PR degree debate

TWL has an interesting debate going on the merits or otherwise of PR degrees. Richard Bailey has also chimed in (it was Kirsty O’Connor, one of his students who started it with a letter to PR Week). Personally I think…

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CIPR social media code

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations has just published its draft (PDF) for consultation of its proposed code of conduct for social media. I will comment more fully once I’ve had chance to digest it. My thought before it was…

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CIPR president Tony Bradley on online video

Buried in the middle of a PR Week article about YouTube and online video is a great quote from Chartered Institute of Public Relations president and Bradley O’Mahoney partner Tony Bradley who says: “There must be a strategic reason for…

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CIPR blog workshop

Tonight I’m meeting up with Richard Bailey, Simon Collister and Andrew and Nicky Wake to deliver a workshop entitled Blogs and the New PR: the next big thing or a pain the RSS. We’re using one of the computer labs…

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Can the law cope with libel online?

CIPR’s Profile Extra has an interesting article on libel online. Jo Sanders highlights a recent case where a court ordered Tracey Williams to pay £10,000 for falsely alleging that former United Kingdom Independence Party parliamentary candidate Michael Keith-Smith was a…

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Shout out why you are Proud of PR

If you’re a young PR professional who is proud of PR then now is the time to make your voice heard. Head of over to the Forward blog and answer the call to record your “short and sweet message about…

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