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CIPR blog workshop

Tonight I’m meeting up with Richard Bailey, Simon Collister and Andrew and Nicky Wake to deliver a workshop entitled Blogs and the New PR: the next big thing or a pain the RSS. We’re using one of the computer labs…

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Can the law cope with libel online?

CIPR’s Profile Extra has an interesting article on libel online. Jo Sanders highlights a recent case where a court ordered Tracey Williams to pay £10,000 for falsely alleging that former United Kingdom Independence Party parliamentary candidate Michael Keith-Smith was a…

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Shout out why you are Proud of PR

If you’re a young PR professional who is proud of PR then now is the time to make your voice heard. Head of over to the Forward blog and answer the call to record your “short and sweet message about…

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The tetchy chamberlain, part II

David Brain, president and CEO of Edelman Europe, has just posted a copy of a snail mail letter (PDF) from Colin Farrington, director general of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. David’s entitled his post ‘The Tetchy Emperor Part II’,…

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The value of PR qualifications

This started as a brief comment to respond to Todd Defren’s thoughts on accreditation for PR practitioners, but it became rather lengthy for a comment so here it is as a longer post. I understand Todd’s points, but I’m not…

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Editorial Intelligence’s online reputation not looking good

It has just been pointed out to me that a Google search for Julia Hobsbawm Editorial Intelligence brings up my rather critical post as the third item. At least the first two are for the official Editorial Intelligence website because…

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CIPR Nothern Conference – Julia Hobsbawm

By far and away the best speaker at Thursday’s CIPR Northern Conference was Rob Skinner, chief press officer of First Direct who gave delegates a practical down-to-earth view on how media relations is changing and what we need to do…

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CIPR Northern Conference video

For a flavour of what went on at yesterday’s CIPR Northern Conference in Leeds then take a look at the video (takes you to cg vision’s site). Technorati : CIPR, PR, public relations

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Blogging CIPR Northern Conference

It’s easy to post live even from a mobile.

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If it’s good enough for Tony…

“My friends and colleagues know I have absolutely no interest in football…” could easily have been the start of one of my posts, but these are actually the words of CIPR president Tony Bradley. They are music to my ears…

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