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Seven years today since my first blog

It was seven years ago today (on April 24, 2003) when I started my first blog. Little did I know at the time what an amazing effect it would have on my life and career. If I hadn’t started that blog I might never have started Wolfstar. It would be great to be able to […]

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Social media and YouTube to get you voting

Iain Dale and Total Politics magazine have released a cracking YouTube video of Bucks Fizz’s Eurovison winner ‘Making Your Mind Up’ to encourage people to vote. It features a host of famous political figures and celebrities including Alastair Campbell, Ann Widdicombe, Nigel Farage, Chris Mullin, Phil Willis, Peter Tatchell, Lynne Featherstone, all-party band MP4 and […]

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Vote Match from The Telegraph matches your views to party policies

The Telegraph has a great tool that enables you answer a quick quiz to assess your views on a wide range of different policies and then tells you how closely your views match those of the different political parties. It even enables you to embed it on your own website, which is what I’ve done […]

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PR Week video on Digital Economy Act

PR Week’s latest video podcast features me and Jon White from Rocket PR talking about the implications of the Digital Economy Act for the UK public relations and digital industries.

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Labour manifesto launch

Labour’s manifesto launch is a bit different to what a lot of people were expecting. Usually general election manifestos are only bought and read by real political junkies*. But the problem with that is that most people just see what the media chooses to report, they don’t actually get to see the real policies free […]

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You’ve got to vote

Today our Prime Minister Gordon Brown will visit the Queen and ask to dissolve Parliament thus firing the starting gun for a General Election on Thursday May 6. LISTEN UP, YES THAT’S YOU I’M TALKING TO. I’m not sorry for shouting, this is important. In Britain people have died to ensure that you have a […]

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Why openupnow’s open primaries won’t work is yet another organisation that has jumped on the current political bandwagon for open primaries.It looks a great campaign, but… and it’s a very big but, it’s very badly thought out. The idea of open primaries is very seductive, emotionally I think they are brilliant. The open primaries between Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, […]

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Blog Wars: the Social Media Library

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… … A NEW HOPE entered the blogosphere… … well actually no at first it was the forces of light on the left that dominated the political blogosphere, it was only…

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Small Business and Government: The Richard Report

This morning I caught the tail end of an interview with Doug Richard (the serial entrepreneur of Dragon’s Den fame). He was talking about how government support for small business was woefully inadequate, if not downright damaging. I found myself…

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Iain Dale’s Brown v. Cameron – who has the better team?

Iain Dale follows up one of Gordon Brown’s interviews this morning by asking readers to comment on who has the better team. It’s a good question and one that’s very telling when you go through it one by one: Gordon…

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