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Blog Wars: the Social Media Library

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… … A NEW HOPE entered the blogosphere… … well actually no at first it was the forces of light on the left that dominated the political blogosphere, it was only…

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Small Business and Government: The Richard Report

This morning I caught the tail end of an interview with Doug Richard (the serial entrepreneur of Dragon’s Den fame). He was talking about how government support for small business was woefully inadequate, if not downright damaging. I found myself…

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Iain Dale’s Brown v. Cameron – who has the better team?

Iain Dale follows up one of Gordon Brown’s interviews this morning by asking readers to comment on who has the better team. It’s a good question and one that’s very telling when you go through it one by one: Gordon…

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Tom Watson announces Power of Information Taskforce

Excellent post on Tom Watson’s blog announcing the establishment of the Power of Information Taskforce. It’s chaired by Richard Allen, the former Lib Dem MP and now head of government affairs at Cisco. As Tom says “Richard has a vast…

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Is Gordon Brown the first head of government to Twitter?

Yesterday, DowningStreet started to Twitter. The bio describes it as “The official twitter channel for the Prime Minister’s Office based at 10 Downing Street” and gives the web address of the official PM’s site at Of course it isn’t…

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Adrian Monck on Andrew Gilligan

Adrian Monck has an interesting little story about Andrew Gilligan (whose dubious journalism led to the Hutton Inquiry). Adrian says: Here is Gilligan, who gave David Kelly up to John Maples and Richard Ottaway on the Foreign Affairs Select Committee…

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Miliband blog to launch soon

An informed source tells me that we’ll soon see another Cabinet minister blog by Miliband, although it’s going to David’s brother Ed this time. Not sure quite when it is due to start but keep watching the Cabinet Office website,…

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Could ObamaGirl awaken interest in politics 2.0?

Been busy, so I’ve only just found out about ObamaGirl (via Loic Le Meur). The YouTube video below alone has had almost three million views. It’s already had coverage in The Observer, The Economist and People magazine to name but…

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Twittering from the floor in the US House of Representatives

Via Daniel Cornwell on Facebook I’ve just discovered that you can now subscribe to live Twitter updates of proceedings on the floor of the US House of Representatives.

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Is Miliband starting to get social and web 2.0 at the Foreign Office?

When David Miliband was promoted to Foreign Secretary many people questioned if he would or could be able to continue his cabinet minister blog, which had already followed him through one cabinet reshuffle. Simon Dickson has a couple of interesting…

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