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RSA conference on social impact of the web

The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) is hosting a conference on “How can new internet technology empower us to interact with each other in novel ways”. Sounds interesting, not least because it’s free. You…

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Road pricing petition driven by Daily Mail

Simon Dickson points to some great analysis by Hitwise’s Heather Hopkins of the traffic (and therefore the signatures) to the e-petition on road charging. The Daily Mail is the fourth largest provider of traffic (behind Google, Hotmail and the No…

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Edelman Trust Barometer

Work commitments meant that I didn’t have time to blog about attending yesterday’s launch of the Edelman Trust Barometer. I feel slightly shamed as other bloggers who attended have already commented, such as David Brain, Ian Delaney, Iain Dale and…

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My final word on social media kerfuffle

A couple of great posts have prompted me to make one final post on the latest social media and PR kerfuffle. First of all the ever wise Tom Murphy brings a dose of reality and common sense by saying “Now…

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Swedish Foreign Minister blogs

Thanks to Iain Dale for the news that Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt is blogging. He appears to be doing so in a personal capacity, rather than as a minister, as he is using He actually started his blog…

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My New Year wish is for everyone to think nicer

Last year my main irritation – causing me to swear more than anything else – was all those bloggers and journalists who have such a nasty depressing view of life. Most recently it is those bloggers who have castigated Microsoft…

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Insider’s blog to life in Westminster

Looking for an insider’s take on life as a researcher for an MP? Then you could do worse than check out The British Bullshit Foundation.

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Too many UK politicians still don’t get it

The Ulster Unionists aren’t usually considered to be at the cutting edge of anything positive, but in this case they are showing all the other parties how to do it. The Ulster Unionists are blogging the Northern Ireland peace talks…

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Keep Freedom of Information requests free

Fleet Street 2.0, a UK Press Gazette blog, highlights the cross-party Early Day Motion against the government’s plans to introduce fees for Freedom of Information requests. Steve Wood has more information at the UK Freedom of Information Act Blog. The…

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This is why PR sucks

Well actually I think public relations is great, but this little exchange between London PUBLICISTS is a good example of what why the profession/industry has such a lousy reputation. Who the **** are these people? Does anyone outside a little…

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