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Rupert Murdoch sorry advert – apologises for NOTW and News International

Interesting mix between using we and I: Rupert Murdoch ‘sorry’ ad

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CIPRTV | Standards in journalism

The latest CIPRTV looked at the questions of are business pressures on the media eroding standards in journalism and what are the implications for the public relations industry? Guests were Brian Cathcart, Professor of journalism at Kingston University and Claire Wardle PhD, Co-founder, Ultra Social.

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Burson-Marsteller and Facebook isn’t just right or wrong

I’ve hesitated to add to the plethora of informative, biased, ignorant, helpful and self-righteous blog posts that have been published on the ‘Burson-Marsteller paid by Facebook to smear Google’ story. However, I do think there are still some relatively unexplored areas to discuss. The thrust of the arguments against Burson-Marsteller are that 1) It’s wrong […]

Read full story · Comments { 3 } exposes an ugly PR and media truth is a great new website by the Media Standards Trust. It is intended to help the public ‘distinguish between original journalism and churnalism’. Churnalism is a news article that is based on a news release that hasn’t had much real journalistic input added and much of it has been cut and pasted from the […]

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