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Edelman PR 2.0 Weekend Summit for Next Generation Professionals

Edelman continues to be setting the pace for how global public relations consultancies are responding to social media and the changing nature of PR. Edelman has its critics, mainly because it has made a fair few mistakes, but that’s largely…

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Don’t be so hard on Debbie Weil

Debbie Weil, the author of the Corporate Blogging Book, is getting hard time for appealing to fellow blogging PRs to seed a client’s corporate blog with comments. Allan Jenkins and Neville Hobson, both blogging PR professionals I normally agree with,…

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We’re recruiting – send us your CVs

Things are moving quickly here at Bruce Marshall Associates, of which I’ll reveal more very soon. But in the meantime we have an immediate need for a good account executive: What we want: Good writers – you don’t need to…

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Sign up for Delivering the New PR 2.0

Roll up, roll up and sign up for Delivering the New PR 2.0. This is the latest event in the successful series of conferences organised by the University of Sunderland to inform PR, marketing and communications professionals about the latest…

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London isn’t national

Bizarre story in How Do about Morrisons’ new chief executive, Marc Bolland, is moving the supermarket’s £37m media buying out of Mediaedge:cia Manchester into the same agency’s London office. How Do cites the reason as Marc Bolland “is keen for…

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Manchester recreates city in Second Life

The Manchester Evening News reports that Manchester is set to open a virtual version of itself in Second Life. The aim is promote the Manchester ‘brand’ and raise awareness of the city in the real world. The move is a…

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My final word on social media kerfuffle

A couple of great posts have prompted me to make one final post on the latest social media and PR kerfuffle. First of all the ever wise Tom Murphy brings a dose of reality and common sense by saying “Now…

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Scoble -10, Parmet 1

Best post to date on the social media news release squabble is David Parmet who correctly points out that most of the critics are Missing the mark. Which brings us neatly to Robert Scoble, who misses it more than most….

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Why PR doesn’t do social media

Heather Yaxley picks up on my comment about UK big business lagging behind other sectors in its adoption of social media and asks ‘Why don’t corporate PRs connect online?’. She makes lots of interesting and relevant observations, but the ones…

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Journalists are PR schmucks, bloggers cut the hype

As if. Some bloggers might like to think they take the moral high ground and can’t be manipulated by spinning PR types, but in reality it’s same old, same old. Duncan Reily has this interesting little story about how UK-based…

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