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Derek Draper v. David Hencke

In the red corner we have New Labour luminary Derek Draper, in the purple prose corner we have The Guardian’s David Hencke. I witnessed the little public spat yesterday and hadn’t considered blogging about it until this morning when I…

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George Osborne and Peter Mandelson, innocent victims of gutter journalism

How depressing it is to see the UK media yet again focusing on minor gossip and tittle tattle rather than the major policy issues of the day. It is disgraceful how it is hounding George Osborne over what is essentially…

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How not to do media relations – part 42

You have to feel sorry for Gwendoline Ornigge, Global External Communications for Belgian brewing giant InBev SA (the people that have just acquired Budweiser). InDev own Canadian brewer Labatt and as part of an email chain with Labatt’s national communications…

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Why online PR matters as much as print – or perhaps even more

Pat McGovern is the founder and chairman of the £3 billion turnover privately owned business-to-business publishing giant IDG Communications, publisher of more than 300 magazines and 450 websites globally. In an interview in today’s Guardian McGovern provides some fascinating insights…

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Panorama and why don’t the media give correct credits

Charles Arthur has an interesting story about how “The ShinyShiny team are justifiably annoyed at the BBC Panorama team using them and then ignoring their existence in creating their programme about child exploitation in the production of Primark clothes” The…

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Getting Ink Requests – live queries from journalists

Hot off the presses from the industrious hacks at Getting Ink is the shiny new Getting Ink Requests blog: We’ve talked a lot over the last few months about disintermediation in the journalism process – how platforms like Facebook and…

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Electrolux is latest to launch social media news room

Electrolux is the latest big brand to launch a social media news room. As its new, it’s pretty bare at the moment, but the bones are already there with tag clouds, YouTube, Flickr, Creative Commons license and a Share This…

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How-Do North West Media 100

How-Do is becoming a compelling read, despite the fact that it’s about the North West media scene – although running a PR consultancy in Leeds and originally coming from the Lake District does mean I have a foot in the…

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Las Vegas and California here I come

Next month I’m off on my first US business trip for Wolfstar. First I’m in Las Vegas for the WOMMA Word of Mouth Marketing Summit (November 14-15) and then we’re driving back through California to San Francisco. I did think…

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Stupid, lazy PR people, bloggers and media databases

Tom Coates of the excellent blog has quite rightly complained about the frequent incompetent pitches he gets from PR firms. Tom thinks the reason is because Stephen Davies included him in his list of the Top 100 UK Blogs….

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