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UK Labour Party blog to debate future direction

I have often been critical, extremely critical, of the UK Labour Party’s failure to get to grips with social media. But I have to say that it is now getting better and better every week. The latest move announced by…

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FT article on importance of blogs in French politics

Today’s Financial Times has an interesting article (free today, paywall later – I think) on the growing importance of blogs in French politics. tags: Financial+Times, blogging, politics

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David Cameron’s India blog

David Cameron, UK Conservative Party leader, is visiting India this week and is blogging about it. Normally I would counsel clients against using as a platform but in this case it is a smart move. It helps position Dave…

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MPs get down with the kids on YouTube

I’m Simon Dickson should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in how new media is impacting on government, democracy and campaigning. He now brings us news that the Home Affairs Select Committee is using YouTube to help it consult with…

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More proof that the media spin

Today’s Daily Telegraph has a story about the growth in the number and spend on what it calls ‘government spin’. Comment from Philip Young and Ian Green, but my favourite is from Simon Dickson. My take on it is that…

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New Statesman on blogs and business

New Statesman has a rather weak cover story on Bloggers for hire about the relationships between blogs, bloggers and business. tags: blogs, business, New+Statesman

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Right-wing French political party wants its members to blog and podcast

Loic Le Meur reports that right-wing French political party UMP is encouraging its members to blog and podcast. It is offering free blogs to its members, and most importantly is also offering training. Loic reports that the move has attracted…

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Inigo Wilson – not freedom of speech but inability to do his job

The Inigo Wilson affair is continuing to attract a lot of attention from both the blogosphere and mainstream media. It’s also doing a good job of highlighting that the wisdom of the crowds isn’t all it’s cracked up to be….

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PR blogger suspended by Orange

Inigo Wilson, community affairs manager for mobile phone company Orange, has written a lengthy racist article on ConservativeHome, one of the UK’s top political blogs. The article which is meant to be a humorous ‘Lefty Lexicon’ includes such includes definitions…

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Miliband’s blog and edemocracy

Simon Dickson has been chatting to the ‘Valiant Official’ who looks after Cabinet minister David Miliband’s blog. It confirms what I’ve already said which is that the blog is very much David’s thing and that he is writing the blog…

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