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PR blogger suspended by Orange

Inigo Wilson, community affairs manager for mobile phone company Orange, has written a lengthy racist article on ConservativeHome, one of the UK’s top political blogs. The article which is meant to be a humorous ‘Lefty Lexicon’ includes such includes definitions…

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Miliband’s blog and edemocracy

Simon Dickson has been chatting to the ‘Valiant Official’ who looks after Cabinet minister David Miliband’s blog. It confirms what I’ve already said which is that the blog is very much David’s thing and that he is writing the blog…

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Labour Party competition to blog conference

In the US the Democrats have been giving press accreditation to independent bloggers since 2004. Despite this report saying that UK parties “would consider it” I don’t think any of them actually have. I made the suggestion earlier this year…

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Education Secretary Alan Johnson plugs blogs

Simon Dickson reports that Secretary of State for Education Alan Johnson has made a speech talking about the importance of blogs and social media in UK politics. Inspiring stuff from a man who is touted by some as the future…

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Campaign against political journalists and commentators

My old media relations tutor used to say “Laddy, never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel”. Well times change Colin and I’m picking a fight. Paulie at Never Trust A Hippy has started a worthy…

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Blogs make politicians more authentic

Sometimes the bloggers cartoonist of choice Hugh MacLeod really hits the spot and he’s done it again with this one following Senator John Edwards’ appearance at Gnomedex. Technorati : Hugh MacLeod, blogging, politics

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Tory and Lib Dem spin over David Miliband’s blog

Over the weekend some bloggers such as Elle Seymour, Iain Dale and Antony Mayfield have been getting themselves into a tizz over the alleged cost of David Miliband’s ministerial blog. It was all sparked off from a parliamentary question by…

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Eddie Izzard’s European podcast

The 10 Downing Street website asks “Ever wonder what happens when Europe’s political leaders get together?” and seeks to provide the answers with a podcast from comedian Eddie Izzard who tagged along with Tony Blair’s team during their last visit…

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World Cup fan Sadiq Khan or PhotoShop Khan?

Please tell me that this photo of Sadiq Khan MP is real. It looks suspiciously like someone has used PhotoShop to stick Sadiq’s head on an England strip. Please, please tell me I’m wrong and that he hasn’t faked a…

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How low can Labour’s on-line comms go?

As a loyal Labour Party activist I’m almost too angry for words about how bad Labour’s on-line communications strategy is. The latest pathetic attempt is announced in an email to Labour Party members purporting to come from from Alastair Campbell….

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