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Campaign against political journalists and commentators

My old media relations tutor used to say “Laddy, never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel”. Well times change Colin and I’m picking a fight. Paulie at Never Trust A Hippy has started a worthy…

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Blogs make politicians more authentic

Sometimes the bloggers cartoonist of choice Hugh MacLeod really hits the spot and he’s done it again with this one following Senator John Edwards’ appearance at Gnomedex. Technorati : Hugh MacLeod, blogging, politics

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Tory and Lib Dem spin over David Miliband’s blog

Over the weekend some bloggers such as Elle Seymour, Iain Dale and Antony Mayfield have been getting themselves into a tizz over the alleged cost of David Miliband’s ministerial blog. It was all sparked off from a parliamentary question by…

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Eddie Izzard’s European podcast

The 10 Downing Street website asks “Ever wonder what happens when Europe’s political leaders get together?” and seeks to provide the answers with a podcast from comedian Eddie Izzard who tagged along with Tony Blair’s team during their last visit…

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World Cup fan Sadiq Khan or PhotoShop Khan?

Please tell me that this photo of Sadiq Khan MP is real. It looks suspiciously like someone has used PhotoShop to stick Sadiq’s head on an England strip. Please, please tell me I’m wrong and that he hasn’t faked a…

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How low can Labour’s on-line comms go?

As a loyal Labour Party activist I’m almost too angry for words about how bad Labour’s on-line communications strategy is. The latest pathetic attempt is announced in an email to Labour Party members purporting to come from from Alastair Campbell….

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The stiff British upper lip

And while we’re on the subject of cultural differences here’s one from Recess Monkey that illustrates the British stiff upper lip: Recess Monkey has just received a text message suggesting a chemical attack in Parliament is being taken with a…

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What government ministers really do during radio interviews

Tom Watson, the UK’s first blogging MP and now a junior defence minister (apt for an ex-AEEU wonk), has an amusing real-life story about what really happens when government ministers are being interviewed on the radio. Contrary to popular media…

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Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has a 1000 page staff handbook

Conservative blogger Iain Dale is all in tizz because Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott doesn’t appear to have read his own ODPM’s (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) staff handbook. In his zeal to put the boot in to the…

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Journalists write easier to read copy than PRs

Media Orchard has a fun little experiment to assess some media, marketing and PR blogs for their readability using the Gunning-Fog test. I thought I’d add a few extra to the pot (one or two duplicates) and see how PRs…

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