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Hackgate: The Movie

News International – the movie trailer. #notw

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Thank you Iain Dale

Iain Dale has today announced that he’s quitting blogging. Despite our political differences I’ve always had time for Iain. His posts, unlike some in the Tory blogosphere, have at least (usually!) been reasonably fair. When I started blogging in early 2003 it was still very much a minority activity, especially on this side of the […]

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Mandelson reveals his original thoughts on Clause IV

I’ve just returned from a fascinating hour and a half breakfast with Peter Mandelson to talk about his new book The Third Man. From a professional point of view it was a great blogger relations initiative by publishers Harper Collins to invite a small number of ‘progressive’ (the words of their spokesperson) bloggers to a […]

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How often the Labour leadership contenders are mentioned in Mandelson’s book

Haven’t had time to read Lord Mandelson’s weighty tome yet, but have had a quick glance in the index to tot up how many pages each of the Labour leadership contenders get mentioned on: Diane Abbott 0 – not a single reference to Dianne. Ed Balls 41 – yep Ed features pretty big. Andy Burnham […]

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PDF General Election 2010 – Action Replay

I’m looking forward to tonight’s Personal Democracy Forum General Election 2010 – Action Replay at the Royal Society of the Arts. Speakers include two the leading political strategists in the USA – Mindy Finn and Joe Trippi, along with PDF’s founder Andrew Rasiej. From the UK there is Stella Creasy MP, Labour’s new MP in […]

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Alastair Campbell gets one over on Adam Boulton live on Sky News

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Not PR or Wolfstar, but Stuart Bruce on politics

If you’re just interested in business, PR or social media then don’t read this post on my politics blog.

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Labour iPhone app boosts voter contact

It looks like all reporting of new media innovation in the election campaign by the MSM is now being seen through the same yellow prism of all their other reporting i.e. look for things that make the Liberal Democrats look good/bad and get it in the paper. In the last week we’ve seen breathless reporting […]

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Business and politics don’t mix – who you trying to kid?

Tonight I went along to my very first Bootlaw event – and it was brilliant. Danvers Baillieu and Barry Vitou ran a great session on ‘Social Media Attacks’. If you’ve never been to a Bootlaw session I’d highly recommend you do. In business some people think it’s a big taboo to talk too much about […]

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Leaders’ Debate live Qik video streaming

This evening I’m at at Leaders’ Debate party with Eddie Izzard and Hilary Benn. As usual I’ll be tweeting furiously during the debate and afterwards I plan to do some immediate live video streaming interviews. You can watch them here on my Qik Live Channel: I’ll be using a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 for the […]

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