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Baker & McKenzie Boing Boing update

Lawyers at Baker & McKenzie might have acted like a bull in a china shop but at least they are now trying to understand. The logs of a client blog (Softalk’s Let’s talk business) show that Baker & McKenzie are…

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World Cup lawyers go Boing Boing

What have Baker & McKenzie LLP and King Canute got in common? They both tried to turn back the tide. But contrary to popular belief King Canute tried to do so only to demonstrate that even a king’s powers have…

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What government ministers really do during radio interviews

Tom Watson, the UK’s first blogging MP and now a junior defence minister (apt for an ex-AEEU wonk), has an amusing real-life story about what really happens when government ministers are being interviewed on the radio. Contrary to popular media…

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Son of Spin Bunny

I wonder how long Spin Bunny’s successor will last? The anonymous author(s) of The World’s Leading Gossip Site for People Working in or around Technology PR has/have been blogging since May 20 but I’ve only just seen it thanks to…

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Farmer’s giant arse on Google Maps

In case you’ve been wondering how you could use Google Maps for publicity then one enterprising Yorkshire farmer has the answer. The area that was once famous for The Battle of Orgreave is now famous for a farmer’s enormous arse….

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Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has a 1000 page staff handbook

Conservative blogger Iain Dale is all in tizz because Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott doesn’t appear to have read his own ODPM’s (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) staff handbook. In his zeal to put the boot in to the…

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Cultural differences between the US and Europe

The Holmes Report has an interesting insight into cultural differences between Europe and the USA. When I was more heavily involved in international PR one thing that always struck me when travelling to attend exhibitions or run press conferences was…

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Journalists write easier to read copy than PRs

Media Orchard has a fun little experiment to assess some media, marketing and PR blogs for their readability using the Gunning-Fog test. I thought I’d add a few extra to the pot (one or two duplicates) and see how PRs…

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The internet’s role in political campaigns

I’ve only briefly scanned it but The Bivings Report on the internet’s role as a tool for 2006 political campaigns looks worth a thorough read. XP: Stuart’s Soapbox Technorati : Campaigns, Politics, Technology

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Shift Communications debuts News Release 2.0

Todd Defren at Shift Communications has emailed to let me know about the debut of its social media press release template. Shift are generously sharing it with the PR community and you can download it from Todd’s blog or the…

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