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Journalists write easier to read copy than PRs

Media Orchard has a fun little experiment to assess some media, marketing and PR blogs for their readability using the Gunning-Fog test. I thought I’d add a few extra to the pot (one or two duplicates) and see how PRs…

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The internet’s role in political campaigns

I’ve only briefly scanned it but The Bivings Report on the internet’s role as a tool for 2006 political campaigns looks worth a thorough read. XP: Stuart’s Soapbox Technorati : Campaigns, Politics, Technology

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Shift Communications debuts News Release 2.0

Todd Defren at Shift Communications has emailed to let me know about the debut of its social media press release template. Shift are generously sharing it with the PR community and you can download it from Todd’s blog or the…

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CIPR president starts blogging

Chartered Institute of Public Relations president Tony Bradley has finally launched his blog PR Voice – as announced by Stephen Davies. Treat him gently folks. Disclaimer: Do I need a disclaimer to say I know both Tony and Stephen? Technorati…

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David Miliband blog survey

I’ve just received an email from the Hansard Society asking me to complete a short survey about Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs David Miliband’s blog. I’ve completed it but found it difficult as some of the…

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Glassesdirect’s excellent customer service

As a PR company we always try to under-promise and over-deliver. I think that is an edge that we have over many of our competitors who technically can offer similar services of similar quality. Glassesdirect (who deserve a link) appears…

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National survey to measure effectiveness of charity marketing spend

Interesting news release in the Bell Pottinger North news feed about its client RSM Robson Rhodes conducting an online survey to measure the effectiveness of marketing expenditure by charities. Technorati : Bell Pottinger, RSM Robson Rhodes, charity, marketing

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Can business blogs be too personal?

If you read Microsoft mega-blogger Robert Scoble’s blog you’ll know that his mother is seriously ill and that the Scobleizer has taken offence that he’s still getting pitched by PR companies. This raised lots of questions for me. Not very…

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Manchester Evening News new business editor

The Manchester Evening News (MEN) has appointed deputy business editor Chris Barry as its new business editor. The MEN carries two pages of business news every day and recently relaunched its business section which is published every Tuesday as a…

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Why social media news releases won’t work – yet

In the comments Tina Lang-Stuart of Shift Communications (of Boston and San Francisco) is questioning my stance on the death of the news release and the benefits of the alternative ‘social media news release’. She wants: To deliver some background…

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