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Professional social media v. personal social media – lessons from Stuart MacLennan

Stuart MacLennan is the first candidate in the UK general election 2010 to be forced to resign / be sacked as a parliamentary candidate because of their behaviour on social media / social networks. The most interesting aspect of this to me isn’t the political one, but the professional business one. As more and more […]

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PR must accept that social media drives news and reputation management

I’ve long advocated that social media doesn’t work if you consign it to a silo and treat it simply as part of your digital marketing. The BBC is the the first mainstream news organisation to mandate its journalist to use social media and social networks as a primary source. Peter Horrocks, the new director of […]

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Ghost writing blogs: right or wrong?

On Monday I attended Dell’s excellent B2B Social Media Huddle. One of the hottest topics of debate, both at the event and on Twitter (#dellb2b), was the issue of ghost writing blogs. What I found most interesting was that not only were there legitimate differing opinions, but also there was perhaps even more misunderstanding and […]

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My thoughts on the #socialmedia chat

Have you ever been to a great party where you’re just arriving as everyone else is leaving.That’s what it feels like this afternoon with this afternoon’s #socialmedia chat. As I’m too late to participate on Twitter, I thought it might be better to add some slightly longer thoughts to some of the sound bites on […]

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Edelman mid year Trust Barometer report shows declining trust – again

The latest Edelman Trust Barometer reveals some interesting, if expected, insights into levels of trust. You can see all the figures (and Twitter comments) on the Edelman site, but I just wanted to highlight some of the UK figures of particular interest: Addressing global issues 78% think government has not done enough to reduce energy […]

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Joseph Jaffe is rightly criticised for Adweek article

Crayon founder Joseph Jaffe has faced a wave of criticism in the comments for his recent by-lined article in Adweek. Personally I’m amazed that the Adweek editor allowed such a blatant ‘puff piece’ to appear under the guise of genuine…

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Public relations is about reputation, not SEO

Jed Hallam has been involved in a fascinating Twitter debate, this time on the relative merits of public relations and SEO (or search engine optimisation). I started to write a comment in response, but then decided it was probably worth…

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Stick it to the Argos flying scabs

For an example of a truly bad company look no further than UK retailer Argos (no link as I don’t want to help give the scum any business). The arrogant management at Argos has decided that rather than having intelligent…

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Hilary Clinton launches The Fact Hub

Just last week I was talking to a client about how many social media platforms, such as blogs or Twitter, can be used for far more than they were originally designed to do. For example the speed and flexibility with…

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$6000 for a croudsourced logo

Drew B is a judge for a competition to design a new logo for European social networking bookmark site Mister Wong. I’m not convinced that this is a good idea. In fact, I’m fairly convinced it is a very bad…

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