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Iain Dale and Alan Johnson Campaign Team

This is a copy of a comment that I’ve just left on Iain Dale’s blog, following his publication of a list of names of people who have signed up to receive updates about Alan Johnson’s campaign to be elected deputy…

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My final word on social media kerfuffle

A couple of great posts have prompted me to make one final post on the latest social media and PR kerfuffle. First of all the ever wise Tom Murphy brings a dose of reality and common sense by saying “Now…

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The Register on 1and1 screwing with my email

The Register reports on 1and1′s ongoing email problems which have been causing us no-end of problems all week. We’re looking at switching hosts – not because 1and1 have had problems, but because it hasn’t been open about them. Problems happen….

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2006 was a good year, sort of

Ian Green and Simon Collister, both of Wakefield-based GREEN Communications, have both written about new research on the perilous state of the PR industry. The research. by industry analysts Plimsoll, says that 23% of PR agencies price below cost and…

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New look blog and win a bottle of champagne

…the world’s leading… was very quick (a rat out of a drainpipe?) in spotting that I’ve changed both my banner and the name of this blog. It speculates about why I’ve chosen that particular landscape. So here’s an open competition…

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Delivering the New PR – follow the debate

Friday was the fifth and final conference in the Delivering the New PR series. And personally I think it was the best yet. We had some great delegates who were excited about the potential and challenges that social media offers…

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A Minute With… video blog

Apologies for the awful colours, but our office is quite dark. Tomorrow and Thursday should see some far more interesting videos appear from the IPRA Summit – including Euan Semple who has already agreed to an interview. The idea is…

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Technorati sucks really works

Manoj Ranaweera is the founder of ebdex, a Runcorn (near Manchester) based document exchange start-up. He blogs at Manoj Ranaweera’s Blog and for 73 days Technorati stopped recognising his blog and all attempts at contacting them failed. When Manoj blogged…

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Top 100 UK blogs by Stephen Davies

The industrious Mr Davies has compiled a list of the Top 100 UK blogs – for comment and discussion, rather than as a definitive list. My first thought is what is a UK blog? Commenting on Chris Lake’s blog Stephen…

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Les Blogs III is in Paris, and I’m in New York

I’m fated never to attend Les Blogs. I missed the last two because of prior commitments and resolved that I was definitely going to attend this year. Loic Le Meur has just announced the dates, unfortunately it clashes with a…

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