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Using social media for PR

I’m spending some time at the moment experimenting with different social media tools and looking at how we can use them to enhance our client’s PR programmes. The first ‘experiment’ that’s gone live is to use a RSS feed…

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Musings on conferences

Robert Scoble hasn’t got a ticket for the Web 2.0 conference. This started me thinking about how we do conferences, especially in the so-called brave new world of social media and Web 2.0. I can see a role for virtual…

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I’m in The Register – oh dear

Is all publicity good publicity? I’ve inadvertently appeared on The Register in its story about how a Labour Party activists’ web site was hijacked. I appear to have been the last genuine person to sign the petition before some…

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Arts Council gig in Liverpool

I’m off to Liverpool tomorrow to speak at an Arts Council Get Digital conference on social media. Rather than use the usual dull PowerPoint (not that mine are ever dull!) I’ve put together a list of prompts using This…

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Getting more LinkedIn

Todd Defren has an interesting post about using his About Me link to direct people to his LinkedIn profile. Like Todd I run a PR firm and I think his idea has merit, although it works better for him than…

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Big PR agency v. small PR agency

Phil Gomes has posted his life story on his blog. Well actually it’s more of a quick round-up of his career and a reflection on his experiences in his first year at Edelman. The bit that had resonance with me…

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Hiring a PR agency

I usually really rate what Andrew Lark has to say but I’m puzzled by some of his most recent post on start-ups wanting to spend $10,000 to find a tech PR agency. He doesn’t make it clear if he’s talking…

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London Business School starts blog

The London Business School has started a blog for MBA applicants who want to know more about the life and culture of the school. On November 22 I’m delivering a new media training workshop for the Association of Business Schools….

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Big PR firm falls for the PR 2.0 hype

For some time I’ve been talking to clients and potential clients about PR 2.0. It’s a good way for a small technology PR consultancy like BMA PR to differentiate itself and attract attention. However, after getting noticed I then always…

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PubSub’s last breath puts A PR Guru’s Musings at number 2?

It has been a while since I last looked at PubSub so when Neville Hobson posted about its possible imminent demise I thought I’d take a look. And it’s a good job that I did as I get a chance…

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