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Some really interesting business blog links

I’m not a fan of link posts, but for once I’m going to indulge in it myself: OpenSkies is a new airline from British Airways and it has launched not with a traditional website, but with flyopenskies a business blog…

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Le Web 3

After a really easy Metro ride from my hotel I’m finally at Les Blogs 3 at Les Docks on the outskirts of Paris. First up is an introduction by Loic Le Meur, then it’s straight into a panel on Web…

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Wolfstar needs work experience students

My new colleague Chris Norton has just posted on the Wolfstar blog that we’re looking for new work experience students to join the pack at Wolfstar. I’ll admit that maybe some of the time you’ll have to make the coffee,…

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Hilary Clinton launches The Fact Hub

Just last week I was talking to a client about how many social media platforms, such as blogs or Twitter, can be used for far more than they were originally designed to do. For example the speed and flexibility with…

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Electrolux is latest to launch social media news room

Electrolux is the latest big brand to launch a social media news room. As its new, it’s pretty bare at the moment, but the bones are already there with tag clouds, YouTube, Flickr, Creative Commons license and a Share This…

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Congratulations for screwing up and why sex could help advertising win over PR

Congratulations to Todd Defren at Shift Communications for screwing up on a social media outreach programme. Actually it’s not so much congratulations for screwing up, but more for doing the right thing by acknowledging it, sharing the experience and learning…

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Global PR Blog Week 3.0

Constantin Basturea has just announced Global PR Blog Week 3.0. He says: It’s an event that will present the best articles, interviews, debates, case studies, and essays on how social media continues to change the Public Relations and Communications theory…

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O2’s blogger relations campaign for Cocoon

With more than 20 years in public relations I’ve convinced more than a few journalists to take a look at my clients’ product. One of the interesting things about writing a (reasonably) popular blog is that I now receive several…

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$6000 for a croudsourced logo

Drew B is a judge for a competition to design a new logo for European social networking bookmark site Mister Wong. I’m not convinced that this is a good idea. In fact, I’m fairly convinced it is a very bad…

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Stupid, lazy PR people, bloggers and media databases

Tom Coates of the excellent blog has quite rightly complained about the frequent incompetent pitches he gets from PR firms. Tom thinks the reason is because Stephen Davies included him in his list of the Top 100 UK Blogs….

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