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…the world’s leading… rebrands

…the world’s leading…, has had a snazzy revamp over the weekend and now has a new look and new home. Essential reading for anyone with more than a passing interest in technology public relations. Technorati Tags: PR, public relations

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Could ObamaGirl awaken interest in politics 2.0?

Been busy, so I’ve only just found out about ObamaGirl (via Loic Le Meur). The YouTube video below alone has had almost three million views. It’s already had coverage in The Observer, The Economist and People magazine to name but…

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Twittering from the floor in the US House of Representatives

Via Daniel Cornwell on Facebook I’ve just discovered that you can now subscribe to live Twitter updates of proceedings on the floor of the US House of Representatives.

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Is Miliband starting to get social and web 2.0 at the Foreign Office?

When David Miliband was promoted to Foreign Secretary many people questioned if he would or could be able to continue his cabinet minister blog, which had already followed him through one cabinet reshuffle. Simon Dickson has a couple of interesting…

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Indigo Red launches

My favourite PR headhunters Indigo Red are continuing to show why they are the best in the business by launching I’ll let MD Steve Mallison-Jones explain: “This is a new site that does something different for the job seeker…

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Is the UK ready for Politics 2.0?

Mark Hanson has an interesting article on The Guardian’s commentisfree… asking if Britain is ready for politics 2.0. It’s well worth a read if you’re interested in PR and social media, even if you’re not particularly political. I’m not sure…

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Did you know your boss could own your Facebook profile?

Cleaning through old feeds I cam across this interesting article on by law firm Pinsent Masons. IP law expert Catrin Turner argues that employers could insist on gaining ownership of some social networking content, though only in limited circumstances….

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Edelman PR 2.0 Weekend Summit for Next Generation Professionals

Edelman continues to be setting the pace for how global public relations consultancies are responding to social media and the changing nature of PR. Edelman has its critics, mainly because it has made a fair few mistakes, but that’s largely…

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Don’t be so hard on Debbie Weil

Debbie Weil, the author of the Corporate Blogging Book, is getting hard time for appealing to fellow blogging PRs to seed a client’s corporate blog with comments. Allan Jenkins and Neville Hobson, both blogging PR professionals I normally agree with,…

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We’re recruiting – send us your CVs

Things are moving quickly here at Bruce Marshall Associates, of which I’ll reveal more very soon. But in the meantime we have an immediate need for a good account executive: What we want: Good writers – you don’t need to…

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