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Ronnie Corbett and my Blackberry isn’t working (with Orange) and an old Apple

Great sketch on YouTube from Ronnie Corbett’s BBC One Christmas show… Classic British word play comedy.

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Social media newsroom X Factor at Communicate corporate communications conference

I attended Communicate Magazine’s Social Media in a Corporate Context conference last week and sat on the ‘judging’ panel for a session which aimed to examine social media newsrooms in the style of an X Factor audition. The other ‘judges’ were Ruth Sunderland (Business Editor of The Observer) and Sam Proctor (Director of Emerging Media, […]

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The tools that give me time to do corporate social media

Today is a sad day as one of the set of tools that I depend on is no more. The ability to subscribe to mainstream media and social media websites using RSS feeds is an enormous time saver and if it wasn’t for that it would be extremely difficult to do my job as a […]

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BarCamp Leeds now on for August

I’ve just signed up for BarCamp Leeds on August 16 to 17 at the Old Broadcasting House. The planners include Imran Ali, Ross Brown and others. Still haven’t figured what my contribution might be, but I’m sure inspiration will strike…

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Microsoft’s dumb switch to Multimap

A long, long time ago there was a British internet mapping firm that was really innovative and I used all the time. That firm was Multimap. And then along came Google Maps and then Microsoft Live Maps and I forgot…

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Le Web 3

After a really easy Metro ride from my hotel I’m finally at Les Blogs 3 at Les Docks on the outskirts of Paris. First up is an introduction by Loic Le Meur, then it’s straight into a panel on Web…

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Andy Lark is Dell’s new VP of Global Marketing and Communications

Dell has managed a real coup in securing Andy Lark, former VP of marketing at Sun Systems, as its new VP of Global Marketing and Comms. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Andy, but his blog is near the…

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Microsoft is encouraging piracy

I’m convinced that Microsoft UK is doing its utmost to encourage small businesses to use pirate copies of Microsoft Office 2007. Why else would they make it so difficult to buy legitimate licences? All I want to know is how…

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Think before you Twitter

It’s really quick and easy to Twitter. Some people appear to use it as an online stream of thought. Edelman’s Steve Rubel obviously wasn’t thinking when he Twittered: “PC Mag is another. I have a free sub but it goes…

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Can I have a FlipStart PC PLEASE!

FlipStart PC looks fantastic. But like Tom Murphy there is little chance of me ever getting one, as the boss is far too sensible. Technorati tags: Tom Murphy, FlipStart

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