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Beta testers wanted for new Microsoft Exchange alternative

OK, this is blatant self-promotion on behalf of one of my clients. Softalk is looking for beta testers for a great new alternative solution to the collaboration features of Microsoft Exchange Server. Softalk Share Server provides native support for Microsoft…

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Bill Gates’ soft interview on BBC news

Did you catch last night’s sycophantic interview of Bill Gates by Huw Edwards’? Most of it was pretty good and clearly designed to let non-techy folk know what all the fuss about Vista really meant. I was pleased when Huw…

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The Register on 1and1 screwing with my email

The Register reports on 1and1’s ongoing email problems which have been causing us no-end of problems all week. We’re looking at switching hosts – not because 1and1 have had problems, but because it hasn’t been open about them. Problems happen….

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Power in cars

IT Week’s Lem Bingley shares my frustration about the lack of power sockets in cars. Ideally I’d like to plug in my Bluetooth GPS unit, my ancient Tungsten T PDA (pressed back into service as a dedicated sat nav using…

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Bloggers bash Microsoft again, but where’s the disclosure?

Yawn. This Christmas many bloggers are once again engaged in their previous past-time of Microsoft bashing. And once again many of them are failing to grasp the reality of life outside of their own little blogosphere bubble. In their eyes…

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Always think and blog

At Christmas in the UK you always get lots of “Don’t drink and drive” adverts. I think a lot of people could also do with some “Always think and blog” adverts to remind them to think carefully and reflect before…

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Congratulations to Sam Sethi and Mike Butcher

Just a week after the ill-fated demise of TechCrunch UK, Sam Sethi and Mike Butcher are back with the launch of Vecosys – tracking European start-ups. I think this is the first time a new blog has gone straight into…

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Journalist asks the questions, can PRs provide the answer?

Nick Booth is a freelance IT journalist who has come up with a novel use for a blog by using it as a research portal to ask questions about features he is writing. The idea is that PRs can provide…

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Latest browser stats

Internet Explorer 7 is rapidly making its mark. The latest browser stats for this blog are: Internet Explorer 6 54% Firefox 1.5 15% Internet Explorer 7 11% Firefox 2 9% Safari 5% Opera and others are all 1% or lower….

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Rip-off Britain strikes again

First of all let me say that Marriott is the only big global hotel chain that I like. Compared to say Hilton you get consistently good service, nice rooms, OK food etc. Last week I spent a couple of days…

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