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Terapad – new blog platform looks good

Is the blogging market big enough for another new entrant? If it’s as good as appears to be then there might be. I’ve only just signed up for the 30 day free trial, but first impressions are favourable (or…

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Musing about social software in enterprises

JP Rangaswami is the Chief of Alternative Market Models at investment bank Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein and he also writes the Confused of Calcutta blog. He has a great post about how social media is breaking down the barriers of control…

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Arts Council gig in Liverpool

I’m off to Liverpool tomorrow to speak at an Arts Council Get Digital conference on social media. Rather than use the usual dull PowerPoint (not that mine are ever dull!) I’ve put together a list of prompts using This…

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee pops Web 2.0 bubble

PC Pro reports that Sir Tim Berners-Lee has debunked the hype around Web 2.0 by insisting that what it purports to be is exactly what he intended the web to be when he first conceived it. And so say I.

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Freeserve founder back to launch privacy browser

The Yorkshire Post has a story about Freeserve founder Ajaz Ahmed’s latest venture which is “a new internet browser which allows users to surf the web without leaving a history of websites visited and protects against leaving personal details on…

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TechCrunch UK gets the story – 17 days late

I’m still not sure what to make of the new TechCrunch UK and hope it is just a case of Sam Sethi trying to find his feet and it will start to break news. The latest post about BT Business…

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Stories you might have missed

Been away for a couple of days so thought I’d share a couple of the more interesting bits from my feeds: James Richards let us know about RepuTrace, a new business that monitors blogs and discussion forums [sic] to “find…

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Second Life for business?

Steve Rubel has posted an informative and lengthy analysis of Second Life and its importance to professional communicators. In a nutshell Steve is saying it isn’t as big as the hype, but you still need to know about it. That…

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New BT broadband office blog

BT is the latest corporate to start blogging. And it doesn’t look half bad. It has comments, trackbacks, Technorati tags, a team of named authors and a great set of house rules. It also has an impressive set of ‘Geek…

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Testing Windows Live Writer

I normally use Zoundry to publish all of my blog posts. Unlike many bloggers I am actually a fan of Microsoft software so I’m immediately trying the beta of the new Windows Live Writer. First impressions are very favourable. One…

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