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My top five social media tools

The problem with this meme lark is that it gets time-consuming if you do too many. However, David Tebbutt has ‘tagged’ me to continue a meme started by Drew to name your five favourite/most useful blogging tools. Mine are: 1)…

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IT PRO mag revealed

…the world’s leading… is claiming a scoop by publishing “everything you need to know” about Dennis Publishing’s new IT PRO magazine which launches in “mid-July”. It features a number of well-known IT journalists and will focus on the enterprise and…

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Life is too short and technology is just too damned complicated

The internet is great. Competition is great. But sometimes it just all gets a bit too much. I’m very interested in the new social media news release concept idea – not because I think it will work at the moment…

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IT Pro editor Chris Green blog

Drew Benvie is surprised that he missed IT Pro editor Chris Green’s blog. That makes two of us! Yet another feed added to my FeedDemon subscriptions and a reminder that I really need to sort them out as the content…

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We’re hiring

In August it will be the first anniversary of us setting up Bruce Marshall Associates LLP. One of the reasons we decided to go down the limited liability partnership route was that our long-term business plan includes recruiting and retaining…

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…the world’s leading… America is the greatest

Hot on the heels of …the world’s leading… blisteringly accurate assessment of the pitiful inadequacies of some most (note not all) US PR agencies attempt to understand communications in the world outside the USA comes this amusing analysis of Hoffman…

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Son of Spin Bunny

I wonder how long Spin Bunny’s successor will last? The anonymous author(s) of The World’s Leading Gossip Site for People Working in or around Technology PR has/have been blogging since May 20 but I’ve only just seen it thanks to…

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Fantastic new African blog about wooden bicycles!

AfriGadget is a fantastic new blog about “solving everyday problems with African ingenuity”. It’s all about using simple materials to make stuff that is “useful for an African’s everyday life”. One example is the wooden bicycle – handcrafted, locally made…

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The internet’s role in political campaigns

I’ve only briefly scanned it but The Bivings Report on the internet’s role as a tool for 2006 political campaigns looks worth a thorough read. XP: Stuart’s Soapbox Technorati : Campaigns, Politics, Technology

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IE7 rocks!

As a tech-savvy PR blogger I’ve tried to like Firefox, I really have, but apart from its tabbed browsing I didn’t like it. Internet Explorer 7 on the other hand rocks. It is fantastic and does nearly everything I want…

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