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Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media

The Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media conference is having another outing and I’m on the bill: The Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media takes place at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on Friday 5 December and will examine the…

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Excellent customer service – and the worst!

If you book an airport hotel and accidentally select 2009 instead of 2008 then it is definitely your fault. When you arrive and the reception is very busy with people who want rooms, but can’t have them as the hotel…

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Sorry Steve Rubel, but you’re on the wrong track on this one

I missed Steve Rubel’s post on Tuesday on ‘Does the Thrill of the Chase Make PR Obsolete?’, but picked up on it today via e-consultancy. Steve writes a compellingly convincing post, but I’m more than doubtful that it reflects the…

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Why you’ve got to able to use Microsoft Office

This post/rant started off as a comment on Richard Bailey’s blog, in response to a comment by Heather Yaxley. However, I thought it was worthy of promoting to a full post: Heather said: One final thought is that we may…

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Heinz losing the online debate over replacement of Farley’s with Nurture

Heather Yaxley has written an excellent analysis following my post about Heinz replacing Farley’s baby milk with an overpriced alternative called Nurture. She says that “It seems amazing that Heinz hasn’t considered the power of social networking and new media…

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Donorschoose is is a great little site that has far more potential than it is being used for. It’s a site where teachers can submit and idea for a school project and then donors can choose which project to support….

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Alan Johnson: the ex-mod in a sharp Italian suit

I’m still monitoring media mentions of Alan Johnson from my time last year when I acted as his Director of Communications during the Labour Party deputy leadership campaign. I had to smile when I read this reference in the Financial…

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A music site to get excited about

OK I know I should be getting more excited about working for a real-life music star, and I am about the work Wolfstar will be doing for Chris Lake, it’s just that it’s not my sort of music. Wolfgang’s Vault…

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Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media Conference

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Who should YOU vote for London mayor

Truth is that even though I’m a political junkie I’m fed up with the level of national coverage the London mayor is getting. But this little London Vote Match quiz is still quite fun in helping you to decide who…

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