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A PR Guy’s Musings 5th birthday – please give generously

Amidst all the excitement of a new baby – Esme Rose Valerie Bruce entered the world on June 28 – I totally missed the fifth anniversary of starting my PR blog. My very first post was on July 8, 2003….

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CIPR Northern Conference

If you still haven’t booked your place there is still an opportunity to register for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Northern Conference on Thursday, June 21. It’s being held St James’ Park in Newcastle (home to NUFC). There is…

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Charles Arthur: Die, PR, die, or raise your game and learn about asynchronicity

I nearly missed Charles Arthur’s post yesterday cataloging yet more shameful practices in the PR industry. It’s depressing that after nearly 20 years in the PR industry I still have to read about such shocking levels of incompetence. I was…

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Yet another blog post demonstration

I’m at Delivering the New PR 2 conference with Neville Hobson. We’re just showing how easy it is to create a new post. If anyone is reading this at the moment it would be helpful if you could comment to…

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10 Downing Street petition to ban smoking while driving

Sign now – a petition urging the government to ban smoking while driving. This has been of my personal hobby horses for ages, so thanks to Heather Yaxley for pointing out this petition which already has 2000+ signatures. From a…

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Blog demo for online PR course

Demo post to show how quickly you can create a new entry. If any friends are reading you could comment to show how that works. Perhaps Neville Hobson or Philip Young is reading this?

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Ban Foie Gras?

Paul Blanchard, an entrepreneur and a Labour councillor in York, has asked me to promote his campaign to ban foie gras: “Hi, would you do me a favour please? I’m trying to get foie gras banned; it’s liver of force-fed…

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Euroblog 2007

Serge Cornelus emailed me last week to ask if I’d plug Euroblog 2007 in Ghent. Apologies Serge, but I’ve been really busy and it fell off my radar. Luckily Simon Collister is as slow as me and has just done…

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Robert Scoble wants some link love

Robert wants more link love, so I’m happy to oblige. Unfortunately, I think one of the problems is Robert’s video – it’s 40+ minutes. I’m sorry, but there is no way that fits into my working life or personal life….

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Joost invites

I’m not the only one asking for a Joost beta invite – so is Chris Green who says “I desperately need a Joost beta invite” and Drew B who points out that Sam Sethi has had a First look at…

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