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We’re hiring

In August it will be the first anniversary of us setting up Bruce Marshall Associates LLP. One of the reasons we decided to go down the limited liability partnership route was that our long-term business plan includes recruiting and retaining…

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MediaGuardian’s My Media with PR Week’s Danny Rogers

Danny Rogers, editor of Haymarket’s PR Week (UK edition) is the subject of today’s My Media column in the MediaGuardian. For someone who edits a magazine about communications his choices are conservative to say the least. But it also gives…

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PR stunts that miss

Yesterday I posted briefly about the ‘attack’ on Parliament where a man entered the central lobby and threw white powder shouting “you’re all going to die now”. From most of the coverage I hadn’t picked up on what he was…

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Recycle this – creative ideas for reusing stuff is a newish website/blog that provides “creative ideas for reusing and recycling random stuff”. Stephen ‘PR Blogger’ Davies has been asking what is the future for the regional press in the brave new world of social media and consumer…

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Farmer’s giant arse on Google Maps

In case you’ve been wondering how you could use Google Maps for publicity then one enterprising Yorkshire farmer has the answer. The area that was once famous for The Battle of Orgreave is now famous for a farmer’s enormous arse….

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Shift Communications debuts News Release 2.0

Todd Defren at Shift Communications has emailed to let me know about the debut of its social media press release template. Shift are generously sharing it with the PR community and you can download it from Todd’s blog or the…

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Top 33 blogs

My post on Popular blogs suck has turned out to be one of my more popular posts. As a result I’ve had a few people asking me what is actually on my ‘Must Read’ list. Well first of all my…

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North West Business Insider starts weekly email bulletin

Despite the RSS hype (and I’m one of the guilty parties) e-mail is still the way the vast majority of people receive their news or ezines. FeaturesExec reports that North West Business Insider has just launched a weekly email news…

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Blogging bobby on the beat

West Yorkshire Police is leading the way when it comes to using the web. First they launched so you could punch in your postcode and see crime figures for your community. Then they launched the Neighbourhood Police Teams website…

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Forthcoming engagements

Over the next couple of months I’m attending and speaking about blogs, blogging, reputation management, corporate communications and public relations at a number of events: April 13, Leeds – Government News Network / Trinity & All Saints College – Postgraduate…

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