Get your animatronic Sir Alan Suger now

Seriously it’s not April 1st this monstrosity is real (and huge – the coke can is to show the scale of the thing). More on the Softalk Let’s talk business blog (there is a reason why it was posted there,…

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The internet’s role in political campaigns

I’ve only briefly scanned it but The Bivings Report on the internet’s role as a tool for 2006 political campaigns looks worth a thorough read. XP: Stuart’s Soapbox Technorati : Campaigns, Politics, Technology

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BCS Teesside blog

This is just to show how quick it is to create a new entry.

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The Economist on Web 2.0

Smetty’s Soapbox has an interesting quote from The Economist about Web 2.0. Technorati : The Economist, Web 2.0

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He does it to others, you know you want to do it to him

Guy Clapperton has a wonderful ‘Coffee machine moments’ category on his blog. This is one of his best moments (you’ll need Flash). Curiously satisfying. Thanks Guy. Technorati : George Bush, Guy Clapperton

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Put World Cup match dates into Outlook

Pop over to the Let’s talk business blog to find out how to automatically put the World Cup match dates into Outlook. Disclaimer: Softalk is a client. Technorati : Outlook, Softalk, World Cup

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Shift Communications debuts News Release 2.0

Todd Defren at Shift Communications has emailed to let me know about the debut of its social media press release template. Shift are generously sharing it with the PR community and you can download it from Todd’s blog or the…

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CIPR president starts blogging

Chartered Institute of Public Relations president Tony Bradley has finally launched his blog PR Voice – as announced by Stephen Davies. Treat him gently folks. Disclaimer: Do I need a disclaimer to say I know both Tony and Stephen? Technorati…

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David Miliband blog survey

I’ve just received an email from the Hansard Society asking me to complete a short survey about Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs David Miliband’s blog. I’ve completed it but found it difficult as some of the…

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Glassesdirect’s excellent customer service

As a PR company we always try to under-promise and over-deliver. I think that is an edge that we have over many of our competitors who technically can offer similar services of similar quality. Glassesdirect (who deserve a link) appears…

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