Why social media news releases won’t work – yet

In the comments Tina Lang-Stuart of Shift Communications (of Boston and San Francisco) is questioning my stance on the death of the news release and the benefits of the alternative ‘social media news release’. She wants: To deliver some background…

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Ether.com provides extra income for consultants

Anita Campbell’s Small Business Trends reports on an interesting new Web 2.0 business called Ether.com. It is a site designed to make it easy for consultants to offer short telephone consultations. You place a button on your website and invite…

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Tom Foremski: “journalist’s spin”

As I work on my presentation for Friday’s Delivering the New PR conference I’m listening to the For Immediate Release interview with Tom Foremski of SiliconValleyWatcher. It’s a very good interview. They are discussing Tom’s post about Die Press Release!…

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PR Week UK is podcasting – about the royal family!

My news feeds have just revealed this little bit of news. PR Week UK is now podcasting. Great is probably your first thought, but wait until you see what they are actually doing. The podcast is in partnership with the…

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Liverpool Daily Post launches thebusinessweek.co.uk

UK Press Gazette reports that the Liverpool Daily Post has launched thebusinessweek.co.uk, which it claims is the first standalone business site by a British regional newspaper. It has RSS feeds and a weekly business podcast by business editor Bill Gleeson….

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Lewis’ Morgan McLintic on why staff churn can be a good thing

An excellent example of why blogs work is Morgan McLintic on PR and more recently Drew B’s take on tech PR (ie when I found out he worked for Lewis). You see as a tech PR person based in the…

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WSJ columnist advice on how to be a press expert

Wall Street Journal columnist Jeremy Wagstaff has some good advice on how to be a press expert. Technorati : PR, interview, media, press, public relations

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Top 33 blogs

My post on Popular blogs suck has turned out to be one of my more popular posts. As a result I’ve had a few people asking me what is actually on my ‘Must Read’ list. Well first of all my…

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Politicians more trusted than the media

Just before the local elections this very interesting piece of research was published by Globespan on behalf of the BBC (PDF download). It revealed that more people trust the government in Britain than they do the media. Most of the…

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PR Business: How small blogs bring big changes

Thursday’s PR Business magazine had a full page on next Friday’s Delivering the New PR Conference (PDF flyer) in London where I’m one of the speakers. PR Business doesn’t yet have a website so I’ve copied the story below: How…

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