In praise of Micropersuasion – the number one Web 2.0 tech blog

Todd Defren has just written a post in praise of Steve Rubel’s Micropersuasion. He pretty much sums up what I think of it. I enjoy reading Steve because he frequently alerts me to new Web 2.0 stuff that I don’t know about. Micropersuasion ranks as one of my number one (possibly the number one) Web 2.0 sites.

What Micropersuasion doesn’t do is even rank as one of my top public relations or marcoms sites. This isn’t meant to be having a go at Steve (a guy that I’ve never met and just know through the blog and podcasts). It’s just that he doesn’t actually write about PR that much and when he does I’m frequently, but not always, in disagreement with him.

For example Steve called Agency.com’s YouTube video lame. I, as I think did most PR bloggers, disagreed.

So if you don’t already read Steve and you’re interested in Web 2.0 then bookmark or subscribe to him today.

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Stuart Bruce

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  1. err… no. 1 tech blog? what kool-aid you guys been drinking? Who decides that? What measures apply to confirm or otherwise?

    I'd rather describe Steve as number one PR pimp for retail tech – very different.

  2. Hi Stuart,

    Steve's blog is an awesome, to use a phrase I hate, PR 2.0 blog. However i agree with you RE: PR 1 (as it were.)

    Specifically the subway video, I thought it was a genuinely good pitch, it ticked all the boxes but did it with flair.

  3. I can't say I was impressed by the Subway video. Struck me as a self-obsessed agency 'dull day at the office' home video. But I suspect the agency agreed its release with the fast food company.

  4. Rob, I've commented on your blog that it was the idea that I liked – the implementation was awful. I just didn't think it was fair of Steve to call it lame.

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